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(ADV) Advertising + Graphic Design

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ADV 101 - Advertising Design I (3 credits)
Prerequisite: DMA 105 or divisional permission
Study of the principles and concepts of layout and design as applied to a variety of advertising and graphic design assignments: ads, brochures, logos, posters, book jackets, and sales promotion material. Promotes familiarity with advertising agency and studio procedures as well as professional techniques for producing layouts, comprehensives, and finished art. Spring and Summer offering. 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 110 - Typography I: Basics of Graphic Design (3 credits)
Introduction to basic layout and typography as the fundamental language to graphic communication. No previous knowledge of layout and typography is presumed. Addresses the use of different typefaces to communicate visually desired effects, type forms, type indication and basic graphic design with type for layouts. 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 201 - Advertising Design II (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ADV 101, DMA 105 or divisional permission
Study of the advanced concepts and design principles used in planning visualizations and layouts for advertising and editorial presentations using art, photography, type, and illustrations. Survey of methods for developing ideas into graphic presentations and the intangibles that provide originality and variety in a creative field using the Macintosh computer. [Fall offering] 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 202 - Advertising Design III: Portfolio (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ADV 101, ADV 201, DMA 105 or divisional permission
Exploration and survey of a variety of methods for presenting art, design, and photography in a professional manner. Using traditional tools and the Macintosh computer, students prepare individual portfolios suitable for presentation to a client or for a job interview. [Spring offering] 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 210 - Publication Design (3 credits)
Advanced study of the use of type as it relates to page layout, graphic communication and publication design using Macintosh electronic publishing technology. Students use page makeup software that integrates text and graphics for a variety of projects. 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 220 - Illustration I (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ART 102 and ART 104 with a minimum C grade or divisional permission
Introduction to the concepts, techniques, and skills of the contemporary illustrator, emphasizing that good illustration -- product or journalistic -- is a means of communication. Assignments involve book and magazine illustration, visualization, and exercises in rendering light and shadow, plus production of comprehensive art in various media. 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 222 - Illustration II: Digital Drawing (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ART 102, ART 104, DMA 105
Interdisciplinary course combining illustration with other fine art and advertising design skills to create a professional commercial art portfolio. 1 lecture/4 studio hours
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ADV 230 - History of Graphic Design (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ENG 101 or permission of instructor; Internet access for Web-based instruction
A survey of the history of graphic design from its origins to present day. This overview of graphic design develops visual vocabulary, provides a cultural and historical context, and instructs students in researching areas of interest to broaden their knowledge of contemporary graphic design. 3 lecture hours
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