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(NUR) Nursing

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NUR 151 - Pharmacology in Nursing (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Nursing program first year completion, or permission of instructor
Theoretical approach to pharmacology, expanding basic concepts of drug knowledge required to administer medication safely. Emphasizes pharmacology as an integrated science requiring up-to-date information consistent with current nursing responsibilities, technology, and practice. Drug therapies affecting body systems are a major consideration. 3 lecture hours
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NUR 215 - Precepted Clinical Experience (2 credits)
Prerequisites: Nursing program first year completion, and externship acceptance
Supervised clinical experience in conjunction with externship at an approved local healthcare facility. Designed to strengthen and broaden the competencies of second-year nursing students and enhance their knowledge of the role of the RN. Participants must be accepted into the facility's externship program. Includes periodic on-campus seminars. 0.5 seminar hours/40 clinical days
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